Your Place Physical Therapy Posture Series: Part VII – Scapular Stabilizer Strengthening

Have You Ever Experienced Neck Or Shoulder Pain?

Chances are that the answer to the question above is “yes”. You might be experiencing some neck and/or shoulder pain right now. Both neck and shoulder pain are very common issues and they are also very limiting. A kink on your neck can bother you all day and keep you from being as productive as you usually are. It can also simply keep you from enjoying your day.

Nagging shoulder pain can limit you from performing simple tasks like putting on a belt, reaching up to put a dish away in a cabinet or washing your hair. Not to mention heavier lifting and repetitive movements that many of us regularly do for work, hobbies or fitness routines.

What Can You Do To Prevent Or Manage Neck & Shoulder Pain?

I urge every one of my patients dealing with neck and shoulder issues to concentrate on maintenance of proper posture. The importance of this in preventing chronic problems in our neck, shoulders and backs is far greater than I could put into words. I’ll just leave it at that.

Secondly, knowing where you stand in regards to strength, mobility, control and endurance throughout the muscles and joints of your neck, shoulders and back is very beneficial. This information can be easily obtained through a free Discovery Session that we offer to anyone interested.

During this Discovery Session, Dr. Allen will come to you and evaluate your strength, mobility, control and endurance. Any abnormalities noted will be brought to your attention to better familiarize you with the things you may want to pay attention to. To schedule your free Discovery Session today simply click on the “Free Discovery Session” link at the top right of this page.

Scapular Stabilizer Strengthening Is A Great Place To Start..

Our scapular stabilizers play a large role in maintenance of proper posture as well as shoulder mechanics. Maintaining strength and function of these muscles significantly limits one’s risk of developing problems in their neck and shoulders. The muscles include the rhomboids, lower trapezius, middle trapezius, infraspinatus, trees minor/major, serrates anterior and latissimus doors. In the following video Dr. Allen demonstrates quick and easy ways to build strength in the rhomboids, lower trapezius and middle trapezius muscles. Spending 5 minutes each day to complete these exercises could save you decades of aches and pains in your future.

Posture Series Part VI: Scapular Stabilizer Strengthening

Recommendation: 2 Sets of 15 or 3 Sets of 10 For Each Exercise

If you have any other questions or concerns regarding neck pain, shoulder pain, posture or anything else that I may be able to help you out with – feel free to reach out via call/text at (904) 537 – 0301 or E-Mail at I will be happy to help you today!