Your Place Physical Therapy Posture Series: Part VI – Prone Press-Ups

Does Your Neck Or Back Feel Stiff?

Most of you would say yes, if not now then definitely at some point over the last few weeks. Sometimes we wake up with stiffness through our spine. Other times this stiffness develops after we have spent too much time on our phones or computers, in our cars or working a long day. Some of us constantly feel this discomfort and stiffness and others deal with it on a periodic basis. All of us, however, can take steps to prevent or manage stiffness through our neck and back.

How Can I Prevent Neck & Back Stiffness?

The most effective way to prevent stiffness through your neck and back is to optimize strength, control, endurance and mobility in all of the muscles and joints responsible for proper posture and movement mechanics throughout the neck, shoulders, core and back. Deficiencies in these areas can be discovered and addressed through physical therapy. If you are interested in setting up a completely free discovery session to find out if you are lacking in any of these areas then click the “Free Discovery Session” link at the top right of this page.

If You Wanted To Try Some Exercise First..

Other ways to prevent or manage neck and back stiffness are through movement and stretching. This blog post, along with the rest of the Your Place PT Posture Series, has demonstrative videos of ways to counter the negative impact of poor posture. Watch the video below where Dr. Allen demonstrates how to properly perform a prone press-up. This exercise directly reverses the forward-rounded curve our spine assumes when we do not sit or stand in an upright position. It’s a great way to mobilize the spine and surrounding tissues in a way that provides relief of the everyday stiffness you might be dealing with at this very moment.

Your Place PT Posture Series: Part VI – Prone Press-Ups

Recommendation: 2 Sets of 10 Repetitions with 5-10 Second Holds Per Repetition

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