Your Place Physical Therapy Posture Series: Part V – Side-Lying Rotations

Have You Ever Had A Stiff Neck, Back Or Shoulders?

Sure you have! Stiffness through our neck, back and shoulders is extremely common. Our head is a tough thing to hold up all day and maintenance of proper posture is much more difficult than it seems. That’s why so many of us sit and stand with poor posture – it’s easier! This habit is one of the primary causes of stiffness through the neck, back and shoulders. Other common causes are sleeping “wrong”, weakness and/or decreased endurance in our stabilizer muscles and lack of movement in general. If someone is unaware of how to sit/stand properly then they are at risk. If someone doesn’t understand how to appropriately train their postural stabilizers then they are at risk. If someone doesn’t know how to move in ways that prevent onset of this stiffness and discomfort then they are at risk.

How Do You Prevent The Discomfort & Stiffness Related To Poor Posture?

All of my previous Posture Series blog posts address ways to strengthen, stretch and mobilize joints and tissues commonly involved in aches and pains associated with poor posture. The same goes for this post and the information will continue in future Posture Series posts as well. This particular post is to educate you on how to properly perform Side-Lying Rotations or “Open Books”. It is an excellent exercise/stretch for improving flexibility and mobility through your neck, shoulders and back. If you are able to perform this movement without any pain then I highly recommend it as part of your regular routine to combat the onset of stiffness and pain through the upper body.

Side-Lying Trunk Rotations or “Open Books”

Side-Lying Trunk Rotations or “Open Books”
Recommendation: 1 Set of 20 Repetitions Per Side With 3-5 Second Holds Per Repetition

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