Your Place Physical Therapy Posture Series: Part III – Doorway Pec Stretch

The Doorway Pectoral Stretch

This Stretch Helps Prevent Pain, Injury & Surgery.

I’ve seen hundreds, maybe even thousands of patients for shoulder pain related to the effects of poor posture. Poor posture is extremely common but few understand just how negatively it impacts our bodies. It sets us up for significantly increased risk of injury and associated functional limitations. Few also understand that this impact it has on our bodies is completely preventable if the appropriate measures are taken.

I Get It – It’s Not Easy To Sit Up Straight All The Time.

That’s why so many of us slouch during regular daily activities. It is easy, however, to take a few minutes every day to perform this stretch and restore the mobility in tissues/joints that get tight from slouching. The pectorals and biceps muscles are located in the anterior shoulder region. These muscles tighten up when our shoulders are rounded forward. When they tighten up they restrict mobility, alter movement mechanics and create an imbalance about the shoulder that significantly increases risk of injuries such as tendinitis, labrum tears and rotator cuff tears. Rehab from a rotator cuff repair is one of the most difficult, painful and extensive recoveries I have seen during my years as an orthopedic and sports-based physical therapist. If my patients could have potentially avoided that surgery by taking 3 minutes a day to perform this stretch – I guarantee you that every single one of them would have carved out the time.

Stay Consistent & You Won’t Regret It

I recommend performing this stretch daily. Hold each repetition of the stretch for at least 20 seconds but no more than 60 seconds. A count of 5 times with 20 second holds, 3 times with 30 second holds or 2 times with 60 second holds should be sufficient to maintain mobility of the anterior shoulder tissues. It’s one of my favorite stretches because I immediately feel the effects and relief from it every time I do it.

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