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Pickleball Physical Therapy for Players in the Sarasota Area

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Dr. Frank Allen, PT, DPT fell in love with pickleball in 2019. He moved from Jacksonville to Sarasota in September of 2020 and felt that the pickleball community in Southwest Florida needed someone they could rely on to help them avoid injury and improve their physical capabilities. That is when he got the idea to cater specifically to that Southwest Florida pickleball community and merge two of his passions into one as The Pickleball PT.

Dr. Allen offers full-body injury risk assessments to any pickleball player in Sarasota or the surrounding areas who is interested in finding out more about their body, how it is performing and whether or not they may be at risk for potential injury. This service is invaluable because, after practicing as a physical therapist and sports-rehab specialist since 2013, Dr. Allen noticed that most of his patients were being treated for injuries and surgeries that could have easily been avoided. It is much easier to correct a small problem than it is to rehabilitate a problem once it becomes painful or requires surgery.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in receiving a comprehensive injury-risk assessment then please reach out using any of the methods of contact provided below. Dr. Allen also specializes in performance enhancement for all athletes, pickleball included, so the information gathered in your assessment can be utilized to provide feedback regarding ways you can improve your pickleball abilities by addressing noted limitations or abnormalities.

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Private Pickleball Performance Program

If you're interested in taking your pickleball game to the next level then Dr. Allen's Private Pickleball Performance Program is for you! The program consists of a comprehensive assessment and multiple options ranging from 6 to 15 sessions. Each option is focused on addressing any physical limitations you might be suffering from. These limitations are typically noted in regards to strength, range of motion, flexibility, joint mobility, balance, agility, coordination, endurance and awareness. Upon completion of your assessment, Dr. Allen will recommend the option which he feels would be best to meet your specific needs.

Once you complete the Private Pickleball Performance Program you can look forward to feeling better, playing better and playing for longer as your body will be functioning at a level that reduces the effects of wear and tear that pickleball has on it. If you'd like to lean more about the Private Pickleball Performance Program please follow the link below:

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