Private Pickleball Program for Sarasota & Surrounding Areas


Do you love to play pickleball and live in Sarasota or the surrounding area? Would missing out on playing with your friends because of pain or an injury bring you down? Are you interested in improving your game to help you rise above competition? If so, then this private pickleball program is for you!

Our comprehensive and custom-tailored pickleball program is designed to improve your performance on the court while reducing your risk of injury. The program begins with a thorough evaluation of your mobility, strength, flexibility, balance, agility and control to identify all of your areas of limitation. Once your limitations are identified then Dr. Allen can effectively carry out a plan to help you reach levels of performance on the court that you may have never thought possible. After completing the program you can expect a significant improvement in your pickleball abilities as well as reduction in potential injury risk you may not even know you have.

The program comes in multiple options and each participant can work with Dr. Allen to choose the option that is best for their specific needs. It will consist of a variety of components that include: exercise (strengthening, stretching, coordination, agility & balance work), education (to help you better understand ways to improve your game and reduce injury) as well as actual on-site assessment (Dr. Allen will come to watch you play and tailor your plan based on what he sees).

There is no service like this in Southwest Florida. The sooner you take advantage of it, the sooner you can look forward to playing better and hurting less. Avoid missed time due to injury and stay away from things like pain pills, injections and even surgery by maximizing your potential with the help of a doctor of physical therapy. Simply fill out the form below and Dr. Allen will be in touch very shortly to schedule your initial assessment and begin your personalized and private pickleball program!

Sarasota Private Pickleball Program Form

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