Your Place Physical Therapy Posture Series: Part IX – Serratus Slides

Are You Dealing With Neck, Back Or Shoulder Pain?

Then let me help you with some helpful information on how to resolve it! During this time of COVID-19 many of us have been spending significantly more time at home. So, an exercise that is highly effective at reducing or preventing pain in your neck, back and shoulders that can easily be performed at home may be of great benefit to you. Before I continue explaining the exercise featured in today’s post I should let you know something else. The previous eight Posture Series posts also explain a variety of stretches and exercises that you can incorporate into a home routine that would surely improve your pains – no equipment necessary!

Keeping Proper Posture Is Not Easy…

But finding a wall to perform Serratus Slides and then knocking out a set or two is much less difficult. Serrates Slides are shown to improve strength and control in muscles responsible for the function of your neck, back and shoulders. Because of its functional role, the Serratus Anterior muscle prevents onset of pain through the neck, back and shoulders during forward-leaning activities. These activities include working on computers, driving, using smartphones, cooking and a large variety of other tasks that we do on a very regular basis. So, a properly trained Serrates Anterior can and will lead to a noticeable reduction or even elimination of pains through your neck, back and shoulders.

Start Getting Rid Of Your Pain Today With Serratus Slides

Proper performance of this exercise is surprisingly challenging but extremely effective. If you want to add a level of difficulty then you can incorporate resistance in the form of dumbbells, resistance bands around the forearms or cuff weights around your wrists. Watch the video below where I, Dr. Frank Allen, demonstrate how to perform Serratus Slides in my own home. I hope you can find some benefit from this and please feel free to let me know if you do!

Posture Series Part 9: Serratus Slides

Recommendation: 2 Sets of 15 or 3 Sets of 10 Repetitions

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