In-Home Resistance Band Strengthening

Gyms Are Closed…What Can You Do?

In the midst of COVID-19 and the risks associated with gyms being open to the public, we find ourselves in a unique and challenging predicament in regards to exercise. This situation applies mostly to strengthening as many have resorted to walking, running or biking outside for their cardio work. If you went on Amazon today and searched for a set of dumbbells, chances are you wouldn’t find much available. Even if you did – the prices would be insane. A set of resistance bands has many advantages over free weights.

  • They can be easily used in a wide variety of areas throughout your home or yard.
  • Resistance band sets have progressing levels of resistances which allow for smooth transitions as you get stronger. Multiple sets of plates or dumbbells would be needed to do this with free weights.
  • Resistance levels increase as the band is stretched which correlates with our muscles’ natural “strength curve” and also provide constant tension.
  • Resistance can be applied in multiple planes of motion.
    • For Example: The bench press must be completed while laying on your back and pressing the resistance up and away from your chest. Resistance bands can be used to strengthen the pectoral muscles while in a standing position, sitting position or while laying on your back.
  • They are extremely easy to stow away or even bring with you when you travel.

You’ve Purchased Some Resistance Bands – What Should You Do With Them?

Below is a video consisting of multiple different upper body, core and lower body strengthening exercises that can be performed using resistance bands. Dr. Allen performs them in the comfort of his home with minimal space needed. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different exercises that can be performed using a set of resistance bands. Some may argue that the strength benefits can not reach those of free weights and, in some cases, this may be true. However, considering the circumstances that we are currently in with societal limitations related to the coronavirus, resistance bands are an excellent option!

What If You Still Have Questions?

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