Foot Pain! Most Have Had It. Here’s A Way To Fix It.

Most People Experience Foot Pain

Pain in your feet is not uncommon. After all, as humans, we spend a lot of time on them and they take the brunt of our entire body weight. There is not a great deal of muscular support and the joints in the feet are very small compared to others throughout the body. If you add factors that increase strain on the tissues and joints in the feet (walking/jogging/running routines, jumping, heavy resistance training for the legs – just to name a few) then the chance of experiencing increased pain in your feet is definitely elevated.

It doesn’t take anything extra at all, however, as I have seen many patients for pain in their feet that was simply related to their every day routines that included waking up, going to work, running a few errands and returning home for the evening.

“I Just Assumed It Would Go Away On Its Own…”

I would say that 9 out of 10 of the patients I have seen for pain in their feet said some variation of “I just assumed it would go away..” during their initial evaluation. It’s because the pain usually starts out as a nagging discomfort that is easy to shrug off as something that will subside in a day or two. Little did they know that this is rarely the case. That initial pain is often due to build up of inflammation and/or tissue tension. The inflammation and tissue tension require proper steps to address them and restore things back to “normal”. If those steps are not taken in a timely fashion then changes begin to occur in the structures of the feet that make rehabilitating the issue much more challenging and painful. That’s why it’s so important to be aware of when your feet are in need of correction and to address any problems as quickly as possible.

My Feet Hurt OR I Want To Keep My Feet From Hurting. What Can I Do About It?

Regularly stretching the tissues through the bottom of your feet as well as in your calves is extremely helpful for the prevention of foot pain. That, however, is an entirely other topic in itself. Most people have access to a tennis ball, golf ball, racquet ball, lacrosse ball or bottle of water. Any of these things can be used to “roll out” the tissues on the bottom of your feet and prevent any tissue adhesions that may be developing. This technique is also a popular method to eliminate any tissue adhesions that someone may have already developed. Spending a few minutes each day working out the tissues on the bottom of your feet is a great way to prevent debilitating conditions like plantar fasciitis and tendinitis. Plus, IT FEELS GOOD! If you have unfortunately developed inflammation in the bottom of your foot then this technique might not feel great while you do it but you will feel better afterwards. Below is a video of Dr. Allen demonstrating how to roll out the bottom of your feet and hopefully this information saves many of you from suffering the pain and problems related to foot issues.

What If You Still Have Questions?

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