Common Frequently Asked Questions

We welcome the opportunity to discuss insurance questions with you. Please reach out to (941) 304 – 5239 at your earliest convenience. We will happily speak to you and answer any of your questions regarding insurance.

Please reach out to Dr. Allen at (941) 599 – 0360 at your earliest convenience to find out about pricing options for the services needed to guide you toward reaching your personal goals.

Physical therapy involves the prevention or rehabilitation of physical compromise. That compromise can come in the form of pain, weakness, limited mobility, loss of balance, poor endurance, abnormal movement mechanics and a variety of more specific conditions. 

Anyone seeking to prevent injury and maintain their currently level of independence and function would benefit from physical therapy. Anyone already in pain or suffering from physical compromise would also benefit from physical therapy.

If you need help determining if physical therapy would benefit you then simply call Dr. Allen to speak over the phone, set up an in-person meeting to discuss further.

The first session will be about an hour long and consist of a very thorough evaluation to gather all of the information necessary to begin an effective and long-lasting restoration of your quality of life. Dr. Allen will then use this information to compile a customized treatment plan consisting of appropriate exercises, education and skilled manual (hands-on) therapies tailored to your individual needs and designed to get you back to living pain-free and doing what you love. The rest of your treatment will be determined by the information gathered during the initial evaluation.

You will not end this first session without knowledge of how to begin feeling or functioning better so you can begin seeing results immediately.

Follow-up sessions will include continued re-assessment to fine-tune your treatment plan and achieve optimal progress. Dr. Allen will implement the best combination of exercise prescription, manual therapy and patient education needed for you to get the results you are seeking.

You can plan on all sessions lasting about 60 minutes.


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Unsure If PT Is Right For You? We Offer Helpful Services To Guide You In The Right Direction:

Phone Consultation

If you have questions, concerns or any other reason that makes you want to speak with us then we invite you to reach out over the phone. You may want to know about cost, appointment availability, how treatment is provided - or anything else. Just call/text (941) 304 - 5239 or follow the link below to fill out a short contact form and we'll get in touch to answer your questions as quickly as possible.

Comprehensive Full-Body Assessments

If you're wondering if you can benefit from physical therapy then our full-body assessment is perfect for you. One of our PTs will evaluate your strength, mobility, mechanics, balance and active control from head to toe in order to provide a deep and full understanding of how your body is functioning and what needs to be corrected in order to optimize your function and reduce your risk for injury.