Dry Needling for Sarasota

What Is Dry Needling?

Dry needling is a technique physical therapists can use to treat pain and movement impairments caused by dysfunction within soft-tissue and joints. The physical therapist inserts a "dry" needle, one without medication or injection, into areas of the muscle or within joint spaces with the goals of stimulating a localized healing response and restoration of pain-free function of the involved area.

Dry needling is not acupuncture. Acupuncture is based on traditional Chinese medicine performed by acupuncturists. Dry needling is a part of modern Western medicine and is supported by extensive research.

What Kind of Needles Are Used?

Dry needling involves use of extremely thin and sterile filiform needles. The needle penetrates the skin and stimulates underlying muscular and connective tissues as well as joint spaces that are involved or dysfunctional in some way. The needle allows a physical therapist to target tissues they are not able to reach with their hands.

The ideal treatment involves use of as few needles as possible (often times just 1-5) to accomplish the desired results.

The used needles are disposed of in a medical sharps collector.

How Could Dry Needling Help Me?

Dry needling can stimulate restoration of normal tissue alignment at the cellular level, increase blood flow, release or inactivate trigger points or change the way the body interprets pain signals. All of these potential outcomes of dry needling help to relieve pain, improve strength and/or improve range of motion. Research suggests that dry needling improves pain control and reduces muscle tension. Research also shows that dry needling can normalize the sensitivity of areas of the body from which nerve impulses get transmitted to muscles. This can help speed up the one's return to active and pain-free life.

When physical therapists use dry needling, it is typically part of a larger treatment plan that also includes manual therapy (soft-tissue work, stretching, etc.) as well as exercise prescription.

As part of their entry-level education and daily work-related demands, physical therapists are well educated in anatomy and treatment of the body. The physical therapists who practice dry needling at Your Place PT have completed extensive continuing education to ensure proper and safe performance of the treatments and to facilitate quality results from our dry needling treatments.

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