Direct Access

About Direct Access

Direct Access Is A Right That ALL Americans Have But Few Are Aware Of...

Direct Access allows us to receive physical therapy WITHOUT physician referral.

It is well known that earlier treatment yields better outcomes. Waiting too long to start physical therapy statistically makes for a much longer & more expensive recovery process. So, if you are looking to begin physical therapy, you may utilize your right to Direct Access today! No need to waste unnecessary time waiting to get into a doctor for a referral and then scheduling therapy after that.

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On The Fence About PT? We Offer FREE Services To Help You Make The Right Decision:

Phone Consultation with Dr. Allen

If you have questions, concerns or any other reason that makes you want to speak with Dr. Allen then we invite you to reach out over the phone. You may want to know about cost, appointment availability, how treatment is provided - or anything else. Just call (904) 537-0301 or follow the link below to fill out a short contact form and Dr. Allen will happily speak with you.

Your First Session is FREE

We feel that it's only right for us to prove our value to you prior to you having to make any financial commitment. We do this by offering your first session for free to give you a chance to meet Dr. Allen and decide if what we have to offer interests you. After this initial session, if you feel that you don't want to work with Dr. Allen then you have absolutely no obligation to do so.