COVID-19 & Your PT Needs

How Can You Limit The Spread Of COVID-19?

The impact of the coronavirus and COVID-19 has many people either unable or unwilling to leave their homes for anything other than essential needs. Practicing social distancing and following the other recommended guidelines to limit the spread of the disease is exactly what we should be doing. Staying away from people and busy places, wearing a mask when we can't and washing our hands regularly is our best bet at not only contracting the disease but also spreading it as we can unknowingly be carriers.

How Is This Impacting You?

You may have been in the middle of physical therapy and making decent progress that you do not want to see slowed by the impact of COVID-19. Or, maybe you are in need of physical therapy to reach goals you have for yourself but are unsure about seeking treatment at a clinic due to the amount of people moving in and out of them on a daily basis. Regardless of your situation, the sooner you continue or begin treatment, the quicker you will return to being able to live the life you love again.

How Can We Help?

Your Place Physical Therapy is a mobile outpatient therapy company that provides private physical therapy services in the comfort of our patients’ homes. We bring everything needed and provide all of the treatments necessary to ensure optimal results. We also operate in a manner that is at a significantly lower risk of coming into contact with the coronavirus and contracting COVID-19 than any outpatient physical therapy clinic. Any equipment we bring to a treatment session is guaranteed to have been fully sterilized and free of any virus or bacteria. An N-95 mask will be worn by Dr. Allen at all times.

Your Place PT also offers Telehealth services if you would rather receive your treatment virtually. These services are less expensive than the in-person sessions and still offer significant benefit. Simply reach out for more details.

No need for you to leave your home. No risk of you coming into contact with surfaces and objects that many other people have touched before you. Under these conditions, combined with a level of treatment and attention that is truly unparalleled, you can feel confident that you will have what you need to ensure restoration of your function, independence and ability to remain healthy.

How Can You Get Started Today?

Simply fill out the form on this page or call Dr. Allen at (904) 537-0301 to begin your journey towards living your best life today. If you're active and value your active lifestyle, we also offer preventative treatment options that you can take advantage of in an effort to limit your risk of injury. Lastly, if you are on the fence about whether or not you need it, we offer your first session completely free. This session involves a thorough evaluation by Dr. Allen to determine if you are a candidate who would benefit from physical therapy. Just click the link below if you would like to schedule your FREE first session today.


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Call Dr. Allen or fill out our web form below to schedule an appointment. We offer the first session completely free!

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Unsure If PT Is Right For You? We Offer Helpful Services To Guide You In The Right Direction:

Phone Consultation

If you have questions, concerns or any other reason that makes you want to speak with us then we invite you to reach out over the phone. You may want to know about cost, appointment availability, how treatment is provided - or anything else. Just call/text (941) 304 - 5239 or follow the link below to fill out a short contact form and we'll get in touch to answer your questions as quickly as possible.

Comprehensive Full-Body Assessments

If you're wondering if you can benefit from physical therapy then our full-body assessment is perfect for you. One of our PTs will evaluate your strength, mobility, mechanics, balance and active control from head to toe in order to provide a deep and full understanding of how your body is functioning and what needs to be corrected in order to optimize your function and reduce your risk for injury.