The Benefits of Physical Therapy for Athletes of All Ages

physical therapy for athletes pickleball knee injuries

Introduction Physical therapy for athletes is crucial to modern sports healthcare. This medical approach provides people in sports with the medical care they require to stay healthy and maintain their skill level regardless of age. Beyond medical needs, it allows sportspersons to pursue sports at the highest level by recovering quickly and preventing injuries. Therefore,…

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Do You Wake Up In Pain? This Might Help!

a series of photos showing a man having back pain.

“I Don’t Know What I Did…I Just Woke Up & My (Fill In The Blank) Hurt..” This is something I’ve heard from countless patients. Many people fail to realize that the positions they situate themselves in throughout a night of sleep can be very problematic and difficult for the body to tolerate. It is difficult…

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In-Home Resistance Band Strengthening

Effective In-Home Resistance Band Strengthening Exercises - Your Place PT

Gyms Are Closed…What Can You Do? In the midst of COVID-19 and the risks associated with gyms being open to the public, we find ourselves in a unique and challenging predicament in regards to exercise. This situation applies mostly to strengthening as many have resorted to walking, running or biking outside for their cardio work.…

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Preventing Injury: Proper Walking & Running Form


Why Are We At Risk For Injury When Walking Or Running? I have seen hundreds of patients for conditions related to walking or running. These conditions are extremely painful and limiting – often forcing people into stopping any walking or running routine. They also impact one’s ability to work and perform regular daily activities. Few…

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Social Distancing In-Home Workout: Part 1

Are You Playing Your Part And Staying At Home? Millions and millions of people around the world have found themselves in a situation that they never imagined being in. Having to stay at home with options in regards to fitness very limited. Gyms are closed. Beaches are closed. Parks are closed. Schools are closed. Athletic…

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