About Your Place PT

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About Dr. Frank Allen

Dr. Allen was born and raised in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. He was heavily involved in both club and school soccer growing up. In 2010, he graduated with honors from the University of North Florida with a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science and immediately transitioned into their Doctor of Physical Therapy program. After graduating with a doctorate in physical therapy he began working as an outpatient therapist in the fall of 2013. He has practiced outpatient orthopedic physical therapy with focuses on manual therapy and sport-specific rehabilitation since then. In the fall of 2019 he opened Your Place PT. In September of 2020, he and his wife moved to Sarasota where he began working to help Southwest Floridians live happy and pain-free lives!

Why Is Dr. Allen Different?

Many of his clients express to Dr. Allen that they have never had an experience with a medical professional like what he provides. He prides himself on his ability to consistently deliver a level of service and results that is unmatched. His clients typically meet him with problems that are limiting their lives but leave him with hope and excitement for their future. He does this through expert knowledge, palpable passion for his work along with true personal investment in each one of his clients - treating them as if they were his own family and friends with the highest standards of care.

Why Did He Start Your Place PT?

After 6 years of working in outpatient clinics that clearly did not prioritize the goals and well-being of their patients he grew tired of being caught up in this enviroment. The final straw came when upper management told him that he needed to spend less 1-on-1 time with his patients so that he could see more patients per day and make the clinic more money. Seeing multiple patients at once or sending patients to work with a tech or intern significantly impacts the quality of care, the results and the overall expereince. Dr. Allen strongly believes that every patient should be treated in a 1-on-1 manner. So, he started Your Place PT - a private physical therapy company in which Dr. Allen is the sole provider and every session is 1-on-1. This yields unparalleled quality of care, results and overall patient satisfaction.

1-on-1 Care

Your Place Physical Therapy is owned and operated by Dr. Frank Allen. You will see him every session, never another therapist. He also makes himself available for questions or consultations outside of normal business hours - weekends included. This level of personalized care yields unparalleled results that far exceed those from pain pills, injections or other physical therapy providers.

No Referral Required

Your Place Physical Therapy accepts referrals from doctors to begin treatment. However, you DO NOT need a referral to begin physical therapy today! Dr. Allen can treat you for up to 30 days prior to requiring physician referral. This is a right under Florida law known as Direct Access.

Full-Body Initial Assessment

Dr. Allen offers full-body initial assessments to anyone interested in finding out what might be causing their pain or just wanting to know how their body is performing from a functional standpoint. Just call or e-mail using the contact information below and let Dr. Allen know you'd like to book your full-body assessment. Knowing what needs to be corrected is the first step towards reaching your goals!

Unsure If PT Is Right For You? We Offer Helpful Services To Guide You In The Right Direction:

Phone Consultation

If you have questions, concerns or any other reason that makes you want to speak with us then we invite you to reach out over the phone. You may want to know about cost, appointment availability, how treatment is provided - or anything else. Just call/text (941) 304 - 5239 or follow the link below to fill out a short contact form and we'll get in touch to answer your questions as quickly as possible.

Comprehensive Full-Body Assessments

If you're wondering if you can benefit from physical therapy then our full-body assessment is perfect for you. Dr. Allen will evaluate your strength, mobility, mechanics, balance and active control from head to toe in order to provide a deep and full understanding of how your body is functioning and what needs to be corrected in order to optimize your function and reduce your risk for injury.