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Why Choose Your Place Physical Therapy?

We help active people in Southwest Florida achieve and maintain their fitness, health and lifestyle goals. We guarantee an enjoyable experience as you work with Dr. Allen to maintain or return to the pain-free life you love. All treatments are 1-on-1 with Dr. Allen. You will see no exercise aids, therapist assistants or interns being given responsibility for your treatment. No referral is needed to begin so if you want to avoid surgeries, injections and addictive pain-killers but still live an active lifestyle then schedule your full-body initial assessment today!


    No Physician Referral Needed to Begin Treatment Today


    We Offer Private Sessions in the Comfort of Your Home


    Because YOUR GOALS are the Focus - Excellent Results Follow


    You Will ONLY Work With Dr. Frank Allen and No Techs, Interns or Aids

Unsure If PT Is Right For You? We Offer Helpful Services To Guide You In The Right Direction:

Phone Consultation with Dr. Allen

If you have questions, concerns or any other reason that makes you want to speak with Dr. Allen then we invite you to reach out over the phone. You may want to know about cost, appointment availability, how treatment is provided - or anything else. Just call/text (941) 599-0360 or follow the link below to fill out a short contact form and Dr. Allen will happily speak with you.

Comprehensive Full-Body Assessments

If you're wondering if you can benefit from physical therapy then our full-body assessment is perfect for you. Dr. Allen will evaluate your strength, mobility, mechanics, balance and active control from head to toe in order to provide a deep and full understanding of how your body is functioning and what needs to be corrected in order to optimize your function and reduce your risk for injury.

Pickleball Performance Program

If you love playing pickleball then our private pickleball performance program is for you! The program consists of a detailed evaluation of strength, mobility, flexibility, balance, coordination and agility. The results of the evaluation are used to construct a personalized treatment plan to address any areas of concern which will reduce your risk for potential injury and improve your performance on the court. Once you finish the workshop you'll be playing better and hurting less!

Private Running Workshop

If you're an avid runner and seeking a service that will help you avoid injury, run better and also get rid of any nagging pains you may have - then our running workshop is for you. It involves a detailed evaluation of your running mechanics, strength, mobility, flexibility, balance and active control. This information is then used to develop a customized treatment plan which will significantly reduce your risk for injury while also improving your running ability!

Our Physical Therapy Specialties - Helping You Live A More Active Life

If you're active and wanting to stay that way, free of pain & injury - we can help you. If you're suffering from a pain or limitation ranging from nagging to serious - we can also help you. Click the image of the area of your concern and learn more about your treatment options.

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Dr Frank Allen

Why People Love Working With Dr. Allen
Above & Beyond Service, 1-On-1 Top Quality Care & Amazing Results

Maureen Bell

Dr. Allen's approach of treating the whole person and striving to prevent injuries is spot on. He is passionate about helping people prevent injuries as well as helping those who already have an injury or chronic issue causing discomfort. He worked with both myself and my husband to identify weaknesses and how to address them. Over the 4 weeks we saw him, we saw significant increases in strength and range of motion. Understanding this is a process, we plan to continue following the guidelines he put in place for us and love the fact that he is "in the wings" any time we need some help.

Kevin Lentz

I've had a GREAT experience with Dr. Allen. He is extremely knowledgeable and I feel he truly wants to help me. He is organized, incredibly responsive and always pleasant and easy to work with. He immediately identified some causes of my challenges and designed specific exercises and stretches to address them. He has continued to offer me suggestions and support even as I have been out of the area for a few months. Dr. Allen has a specialty in pickleball support and uses his own knowledge of the game to help players become and remain physically ready for the game. I strongly recommend Dr. Allen for physical therapy.

Tom Griffin

The BEST! After months of suffering from poor physical therapy and very little progress from the place associated with my Doctors office, a friend referred me to Dr. Frank Allen. After my 1st visit to him I felt the progress. I highly recommend him. I learned the hard way that there is a big difference in PT’s. Thankfully I found Dr. Allen who’s hands-on, personable, and knowledgeable approach got be better. My wife and her Friends have since used him too and they all rave about him…

Carla Chavez

Frank is an amazing, caring physical therapist. He is very careful to diagnose exactly what is happening and target those issues. He knows his stuff when it comes to the body/muscles but he also knows how Pickleball players need to move and the demands it can place on the body. In fact, he plays himself so who better to treat a Pickleball player! He will get you back on the courts in no time! Completely trust his advice!

Robert Adams

I had a severe issue with a strained muscle and was thoroughly impressed with the treatment and results achieved with the help of Dr. Allen. I’ve had him treat numerous friends and everyone holds the same high opinion of his work. Great guy, great personality, and high recommended.

Greg Gracyalny

I have had a great experience with Dr. Frank. Rather than doing a typical PT regimen of treating only the injury, he takes a full body view. He did an assessment and came up with a plan to work on all the problem areas, from neck/shoulders to core/hips/back to the feet. In my particular situation I had Achilles surgery. He asked what my goals were following recovery and incorporated exercises to help me get to my goals, besides the exercises specific to the Achilles. Overall I found the sessions extremely helpful and strongly recommend him.

Cindy Gordon

Dr Frank Allen has helped me out tremendously. I have been playing Pickleball for about a year and was getting injured on a regular basis. Dr Allen met with me, gave me a full body assessment and then designed a work out routine to strengthen areas where I was weak. After 6 weeks I feel stronger and better than ever. I would highly recommend him to anyone who loves sports and wants to continue playing them for years to come.

Greg Iannuccillo

Dr. Frank is awesome. Don’t hesitate to call him for any nagging issues you are having. He fixed my shoulder and back in four visits. Never felt better.

Loy Meade

I started working with Dr. Frank after a severe elbow tendon tear, and I’m finally back to playing pickleball after trying other therapists. I highly recommend him for whatever issues you may have. He’ll help identify your muscle imbalances and movement compensations and help you work toward helping yourself to correct them.

Felicea Meyer

Dr. Allen’s service was truly a blessing. I encountered a great amount of unexpected stress and began experiencing intense pain and muscle spasms. I’m new to the area and was unable to go out of state to my previous PT. Dr.Allen returned my call promptly, and within twenty four hours was at my home. He was very professional and used all safety protocol during this time of COVID. He began his assessment, developed a treatment plan and provided treatment which provided pain relief. He was very knowledgeable, extremely prepared and even provide tools and exercises to use until our next appointment. Because of his skill, I was back to exercising within a week and spared weeks of painful movement and medication. I would and have already recommended him to others. THANK YOU Dr. Frank Allen

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